Faith & Freedom Minute

The “Faith & Freedom Minute” explores the intersection of our Catholic faith and modern American culture, offering insights to understand and navigate the divide between secular viewpoints and Catholic principles – brought to you by the Knights of Columbus. Envisioned for broadcast as a series with a new episode each week.

This timely commentary is offered free of charge to each and every Catholic Radio station in North America.  One version is for use in Texas, with a second version designed for use elsewhere across the USA and Canada.  Select the version that best fits your location and download it at no charge. Broadcast it as often as you wish.   

Each episode fits into a 90 second slot, with 60 seconds of rich content introduced by 20 seconds of purpose and context, and closed by 10 seconds of invitation to additional resources.  New episodes will be added every 6-8 weeks, so check back often for updates.  

EPISODES for Use in Texas

EPISODES for Use Across USA & Canada

Catholic Radio Stations in Texas

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