A Brief Podcast Resource on Religious Liberty

At a time when religious liberty is under assault here in the Americas and across the globe, we believe it is necessary to spread the word that Catholics are standing up to these encroachments on our God-given human rights, as protected by the First Amendment of the US Constitution and by Article 18 of the United Nations’ Universal Declaration on Human Rights, and to invite others to stand up with us.

The Knights of Columbus “Faith & Freedom Minute” serves that purpose, and the intro and closing of each episode tells the story of this intention.  Episodes will be continuously produced and are made available for free broadcast on any media but especially Catholic radio. Although some of the episodes mention specific holidays of feasts, in general, they can be used in any order and in any combination. 

With the intro and closing, each episode runs just about 90 seconds. These are housed on a page of the http://www.tkofc.org website so that Catholic Radio stations in Texas can download and use them as often as they wish. Duplicate versions provide a closing reference to the http://www.kofc.org website – a link to the international office for the Knights of Columbus. Provided they are not further edited, these versions can be used at any time for no cost by any Catholic Radio station across the US and Canada. 

NOTE:  Episodes #1 to 62 published prior to July 1, 2018 and #63 and higher published after July 1, 2018

Faith and Freedom Minute Files for Stations Inside of Texas  Link

Faith and Freedom Minute Files for Stations Outside of Texas Link

List of Catholic Radio stations in Texas

Also heard nationwide in conjunction with Mary’s Touch on these radio stations

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