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Brothers all and every Family

Posted Jan 02, 2018
by Mark

As 2018 dawns so very cold across this great State of Texas, the officers, directors and families of every member of the Texas State Council offer their very best wishes for a joyful and prosperous New Year!

May the Holy Family continue to be both our inspiration and model as we strive to build our Church by strengthening our hearts, families, communities and parishes. We do this best by encouraging each other and all Catholic men to become stronger in our faith and commitment to acts of service.

Opportunities abound to join with other men to reinforce our roles as husbands and fathers. Promise to attend that day of prayer or retreat with other men this year. Plan to invite another man to join our brotherhood, made even more convenient by a new online invitation and commitment. Plan to come to Austin on March 22 for the "Christ Brings Hope Award" gala by Relevant Radio honoring you - the Texas State Council of Knights of Columbus - for all YOU do to show God's love in your charitable works.

God bless each of you!   

By Doug Oldmixon, State Deputy

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