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Posted Mar 11, 2019
by Mark

Come tomorrow Texas will be back in the 70’s and it’s March Madness!!!!!!!

My Brother all:

               Come tomorrow Texas will be back in the 70's, so we hope the "Winner Blast" we were going through is gone for now. You recruited 363 new Knights in February, and we will have 206 Brothers that are eligible for the February Recruiters drawings, to be held this weekend at the State Officers meeting. Brother Michael J Block of the Wall Council 4316 in the San Angelo Diocese was our Top Recruiter signing up 9 new Knights. He will receive $600.00 for his recruiting. Thanks to all.
              Now that we are in March we will be having a " March Madness" contest for all of our Texas Knights. You recruit and we will reward you. See the attachment for the rules and the requirements, then go recruit, you might be a lucky winner. Also make sure your name and membership number are in the Proposer blank on the New Knights application. We have a lot of applications going up to Supreme every month with the Proposers name and membership number missing. We want to credit and reward you for work. Also if you recruit a man to join online make sure he has your name and number that can be added in the Proposer blank on the On-Line application process.
              Please look at your Councils intake numbers. Make sure you share and work with your Agent. They need contact information from your Council to help them be able to contact your membership. If you are to make your Insurance goal it takes teamwork with your Agent for them to be able to help you and help our Brothers.
              March 29th will be the 137th Birthday of our Order. We need all Council's to hold a membership drive and grow our Order this month. This is a great way to thank Fr. McGivney for all that he did for us, by sharing our Order with another Catholic Man.
                If you want to help your Council, recruit a New Knight to grow your Council.If you talk to a Catholic man about joining and he wants more information on who we are, or wants more time to think about it, share with him<... for more information on our Order. Remember action makes things happen, complaining does nothing to make things change. Texas needs your help, we need you to be an active recruiter. You were asked to join, so it is your turn to ask another Catholic man to be a Knight. Most who do not join, have not been asked to join our "Band of Brothers" We are Texas and Texas can do anything when we work in Unity.

From your Membership Team 

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