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Posted Feb 13, 2019
by Mark

BURRRRRRRRRR   -  It’s winter in Texas and we’re having a WINNERS BLAST in February!!!!!!!

As a way to have a successful Recruiting month in February we are offering the following rewards.

Recruit 1 or 2 members, your name will go into Pot #1 for a chance to win $200.

Recruit 3 or 4 members, your name will also go into Pot #2 for a chance to win $300.

Recruit 5 or 6 members, your name will also go into Pot #3 for a chance to win $400.

Recruit 7 or more members, your name will also go into Pot #4 for a chance to win $500.


Note: Recruiters are eligible for one prize only. State Deputy and Membership Director will decide any ties.

Drawing will be held in March. Starting with Pot #4 first, then Pot #3, then Pot #2 and end with Pot #1. Remember you can only win one reward. The more members you recruit, the better your odds are to win.

We will keep all names from this drawing for another drawing at the end of this fraternal Year.You recruit, we will reward you and help you thru the   “WINNERS BLAST IN TEXAS”

Well here we are in the 70's again. Mother nature does not want to work with us during our "Winner Blast".  Well to be honest winter can go away as far as I am concerned.
 Our Worthy State Chaplain Most Rev. Bishop Joseph Strickland pulled the winners of the January "Winner Blast" contest today. The winner of the drawing out of Pot #1 is Brother David N. Marshall of the PSD Charles J. Kaler Jr. Council 10677 in Corpus Christi. David was 1 out of 198 in Pot #1 and he wins $200.00. Thanks Brother David. The winner of the Pot #2 for recruiting more than 3 but less than 5 is Brother Thomas E. Stelmar Jr. of the St. Michael the Archangel Council 11862 in Garland. Brother Tom was 1 of the 6 in Pot # 2 and he wins $300.00. Thanks to Brother Tom, he is at 36 new Knights for this Fraternal year.
 And the Top Recruiter in Texas for January and the winner of $600.00 is Brother Everisto Jimenez of the St. Barbara Council 2123 in Ranger. Brother Everisto recruited 5 new Knights and got them thru their 1st Degree in January. Thank you Brother Everisto.
 As of today we have 92 Brother Knights in the drawing for the February "Winner Blast" sign them up and get them to their 1st Degree to add your name into the Drawing this month .

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