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Five ways to lead your family in faith

Posted Apr 24, 2020
by Mark

More than ever during COVID-19, Knights are called to build their domestic church. These simple actions help them answer that call.

By Evan Holguin
Image by Spirit Juice Studios

While public masses are suspended, the activities that are normally part of our local parish are gone. But Jesus’ call for us as Christian families — to serve as domestic churches in teaching the faith, growing in virtue, and evangelization — still exists.

So how do families start? By following the five steps below, Knights can become true leaders of their domestic churches, not just during this time of pandemic but for their entire lives.

1. Start and end the day in prayer
Every good thing starts and ends in prayer. That is why every Knight should start every morning leading his family in prayer and end every night in the same way. Because of our special devotion to Mary, Knights should also regularly lead their families in praying the rosary together. Morning and evening prayers can be found in the booklet Prayer Time, available for free here, and A Scriptural Rosary for the Family can be found free here.

2. Schedule time together, as a family
Quality time spent together as a family is essential to a strong domestic church. But, these days, with so much time spent inside under “stay-in-place” orders, it’s easy to mistake time near each other with time with each other. That’s why it’s important to plan time together as a family — a family dinner, for example, is an excellent start. Consider also planning a family movie night or a family prayer night!

Just as important is quality time with your spouse. Carve out time every day, even if just five minutes, for praying together as a couple.

3. Keep holy reminders
There are a lot of mundane tasks that occur in our homes — but even during chores, schoolwork or working from home, we are called to bring our faith into everything we do. One easy way to make sure we don’t forget God and prayer in our daily lives is to keep a “holy reminder” in sight. Whether a prayer card, an image of the Blessed Mother or a cross, these objects serve as a reminder to refocus on our Lord and keep a spirit of prayer throughout the day.

4. Make an act of charity
There’s a lot that families are sacrificing right now, but these sacrifices have the power to help those in need. Invite your family to come together and decide how to use funds you would otherwise use on going to the movies, eating at a restaurant or other events restricted by social distancing. If you have the means, consider using these funds to support your local parish, contributing to the Leave No Neighbor Behind Fund or another charity.

5. Lead in hope
Faith without hope is sure to be short-lived, and in this time of uncertainty and loss it can be easy to fall into hopelessness. As Knights, we are called to remember the hope offered us by the death and resurrection of Jesus Christ — especially in this Easter season. As heads of their domestic church, Knights are constantly called to share this hope of faith with their families.

To reflect more about how to live the hope of Easter even amid suffering, consider watching the “Suffering” episode of the Into the Breach video series, available for free here.

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Originally published in a special bi-weekly edition of Knightline, a resource for K of C leaders and members. 

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