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Hurricane Harvey Update! See the Video!

Posted Sep 07, 2017
by Mark

With every image of benevolence from Texas and Louisiana in the aftermath of Hurricane Harvey, we’re being reminded of the choice we all have: To refuse darkness and to serve what is true, select what is good, and manifest what is beautiful about ourselves, our community, and about human nature in our world today. How can you help?

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We are asking our Brother Knights to remember those people affected with your prayers. Secondly if you wish to make a contribution directly to Texas State Council Knights of Columbus for disaster relief please use the the "Donate Now" link to the right of the home page or using this link. Please designate in the memo field "Harvey". If you prefer to send a check please send to the TSC State Office made out to "State Council Charities Disaster Relief" and Harvey in the memo field.

6633 Highway 290 East, Suite 204
Austin, Texas 78723-1157
(512) 442-1492

For any one needing assistantance please contact  

Harry Storey – Disaster Response Chairman 214-557-2923

Mike Buecher – Corpus Christi, Brownsville, San Antonio, and Laredo - 220-710-1457

Bob Sumicek – Victoria, Galveston – Houston, Beaumont, and  Austin - 281-352-2662

Please use this form to request help! EMRC_Request_form.pdf and Council Food Supplies Request

Thank you for all you are doing to respond to the needs of Brother Knights in the areas ravaged by Hurricane Harvey.  The need is great and will continue to grow as we make contact with more councils and Knights and discover the extent of damage borne by our brothers. We must respond to provide timely relief. Here are the expedited procedures for the following three categories of need scenarios:

.    Councils feeding evacuees and response workers = 100% of reasonable costs will be reimbursed. The amount of any request is determined by the size of the effort – the number of persons fed and how often.  Expendable cleaning supplies (like trash bags, disinfectant, mops, etc.) may also be included in this request.

A council will provide a written request on Food-Supplies Form 9-17 to the Regional Emergency Response Coordinator (ERC) who will validate the circumstances and once assured of the request’s validity, will forward to the State ERC (Harry Storey) for concurrence. Once approved, the State Deputy will instruct the State Staff to transmit the funds by electronic funds transfer or similar rapid reliable method. 

Also, Supreme is working to set up an account with a food vendor (like SYSCO) to allow councils to order food directly. When this is completed, the same process will be followed to approve the online order requests before the food will be released or delivered to the council.  More on this option when available.

    Individual Knights with personal needs due to displacement from damage or flooding to their residence = individual Knights will receive $100 cash card provided by Supreme after filling out a simple request and receipt on Form EMR 9-17. 

Regional ERCs and the state office staff will have a supply of the cash cards and the request forms, and ERCs will have each Knight complete a form before delivering or mailing a card. 

    Individual Knights with damages to home and property will provide a written request to the Regional Emergency Response Coordinator (ERC) who will validate the circumstances and once assured of the request’s validity, will forward to the State ERC (Harry Storey) for concurrence. Once concurred, the State ERC will forward to the State Deputy for approval. Once approved, the State Staff will contact the requestor and convey the funds by electronic transfer if possible. 

Such individual requests may not exceed the actual need up to $1,500.  The source of funds for this type of request is both from Supreme and State level donations received for general disaster relief purposes. 


Message from Texas State Deputy Douglas Oldmixon

Brothers All,
With the lingering hurricane, tornados, and unprecedented flooding along the coast of our great state, many people have lost much and some have lost everything! Many of us have family that are being impacted by the storm. We all know the tremendous power of prayer and I trust we are all praying consistently for those in most need. But most of us who are fortunate enough to not be touched by this catastrophe cannot travel to the affected area to directly assist. Even so, this is our opportunity to demonstrate the charity that evangelizes - the Freedom to Serve!

The Texas State Council and State Council Charities will be helping local councils and members in many ways - funding shelter operations, feeding evacuees and response volunteers, and more. If you want to help us provide that assistance, we are accepting donations that will go directly to support victims of this disaster. 
Simply go to the Texas State Council webpage ( and click on the blue Donate Now button on the right side of the homepage.
Then click on the Disaster Relief Fund image or the More> button under the image.

And finally, click on the green Donate to Disaster Relief Fund button.  

This will take you to the page where you can enter credit card information to make a donation to directly assist affected families. 
Please be generous; we can only help others with funds donated to this cause. The State Council's funds budgeted for Disaster Relief are limited each year to about $10,000; we rely on the generosity of Brother Knights and donors in time of need. You are always faithful; we receive funds from across Texas and also our Order. 

Thank you and please pray with us for all of our brothers and their families in this time of loss. God bless them all with hope, and you for your charitable heart. Please forward this message to your friends, family members and  fellow parishioners.

Stories about the Knights relief efforts in Houston can be found at

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