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Posted Jun 14, 2019
by Mark

On June 13, 2019, Grand Prairie Police Department laid to rest one of their own.  Officer AJ Castaneda was struck and killed while running radar on Friday, June 7.  Officer Castaneda was an 11 year veteran of police work.

Also on June 7, Sergeant David Fitzpatrick of The Colony Police Department suffered a heart attack after participating in the departments wellness program.  He was transported to the hospital but never regained consciousness and died three days later on June 10.  

Kemah Police Chief Chris Reed was on his fishing boat in Galveston Bay when he was knocked overboard by a passing barrage and drowned.  His body was found on Sunday, June 9.  Although he was not on duty at the time, it was still an unexpected loss of a fellow officer.

In addition to these losses, several officers across the state have been involved in some type of officer involved shooting.  Even though they may not have been injured, they are still going through one of the toughest times in their lives.  These types of shootings create high tensions within the community causing higher stress for the officers just trying to do their jobs.

With all this sad news, I also want to point out some positive news about officers.  Officers help people everyday.  They leave good impression on children, people who are down on their luck, and provide food or clothing to people they come across.  Just the other day, some officers purchased a window A/C unit for an elderly person to keep them cool during the summer.  Some of these deeds are never reported; they just do them.  

Praying for an officer everyday is one way you can show your support.  With the summer months and hot weather, more calls for police come in, tensions are high and patience are low.  

Pray for their Safety, their Good Judgment, and their Safe Return Home.  As your councils elect new officers and start planning next year’s programs, consider starting (or continuing) a Shield a Badge with a Prayer program.  Consider starting a Shield a Badge program at your council.  For more information, please contact Pat Henz at

Pat Henz
State Warden
Texas State Council


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