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Traveling Chalice

Posted Apr 21, 2014
by Mark

During the Year of the Priests in 2010, our Prince of Peace Council 7983 created a beautiful glass case with a chalice inside and a red velvet carry bag.

Our Traveling Chalice program started with only one case for our council membership families to take home for one week and pray for our Pastor and priestly vocations. This Chalice was presented as a gift, to Msgr. Patrick Cronin our Pastor, and was offered to help serve as a visible reminder of our commitment to pray together as a family for vocations during this week, and also as a reminder that the Mass does not end with the closing prayer. Rather, we take home with us from the Mass, the joy, the gratitude, and the mission to share the love of Christ with others in our families and our workplaces.

    After a while the word got out to other parishioners and many of them wanted to participate in our Traveling Chalice prayer program.  Our Grand Knight Ambrose Cordero brought the parishioners request to our Pastor, Monsignor Patrick Cronin and he supported us, but wanted to make sure all parishioners were allowed to participate. We currently have five masses every weekend at our Prince of Peace Parish, so our Council raised funds and created four more identical chalice cases.  Every weekend at the end of each of the five masses a family takes the Traveling Chalice home to pray for our priest and vocations.  To reserve a week with the Traveling Chalice families can go to our parish or council website.  Our Traveling Chalice prayer program has been a great success and every weekend mass is booked until the end of the year. 

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