Prayer Requests

Submitted Nov 04, 2019
Please pray for the peaceful repose of the soul of John Armendariz who has been called to his heavenly home.  He was a member of El Paso Council 638 and was a past Financial… read more
Submitted Nov 04, 2019
+ BROTHER FRAN GARDINER - Council 1422 - Marshall
It is with heavy heart that I inform you of the passing of Brother Frank Gardiner.  He died this morning around 3 am, he was 94 years old.  Please pray for the peaceful… read more
Submitted Oct 27, 2019
+ SANTIAGO AGUIRRE - father of Art Aguirre, El Paso
It is with profound sadness that I inform you that the father of DD Art Aguirre has been called to be in the Arms of our Lord and Savior. Please pray for the repose of the soul of… read more
Submitted Oct 27, 2019
PETE CHAMPION - GK San Marcos Council 3458
UPDATE: Pete's heart surgery went well. He is in Senton Hospital in Kyle, room 220. Keep praying that Pete will heal soon.  Requested by:  Robert Hernandez  … read more
Submitted Oct 14, 2019
CHUCK SNODGRASS, PGK - Council 15174 - Holly Lake Ranch
Please pray for PGK Chuck Snodgrass, Council 15174 who has pneumonia and kidney problems. He has been on a ventilator with a tracheotomy and feeding tube.  He had dialysis which… read more
Submitted Sep 19, 2019
Brother Gary Franzetti’s daughter Carrie
Brother Gary Franzetti's daughter Carrie passed away last night please keep Gary & his family in your prayers.
Submitted Sep 16, 2019
UPDATE:  PATTI BETTGE - wife of Paul Bettge - Lake Jackson
Thank you all so very much for your prayers.  The surgery went well and the infection was minimal which was wonderful news.  Please continue to pray for healing and strength… read more
Submitted Sep 16, 2019
DORA GILLILAND - wife of DD Richard Gilliland - El Paso
Please pray for Dora Gilliland, wife of DD Richard Gilliland. She has been diagnosed with cancer and will be having surgery on October 2. Thank you. Requested by:  Mario Mallari,… read more
Submitted Sep 16, 2019
MARIA VEDA VASQUEZ - mother-in-law of John Ferrer -
Please pray for Maria Veda Vasquez, mother-in-law of John Ferrer who has suffered a heart attack. SHe has had surgery at San Marcos CTMC Hospital.  John has asked for prayers and… read more
Submitted Sep 16, 2019
BROTHER AND SK TONY LISERIO - Brazoria Council 8548
Please offer prayers for Tony Liserio of Brazoria Council 8548. Tony is in Methodist Hospital in Sugarland and underwent brain surgery on Wednesday Sept.14th to do some biopsy on brain… read more

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