Prayer Requests

LOUIE MARTINEZ, Asst. Dioc. Dep. El Paso.

Posted Nov 11, 2017
by pbettge

Louie Martinez collapsed yesterday in Houston airport.  A doctor happened to be in the airport, EMS did CPR, attached a defrib, and he is now in Memoriall Herman S.E. and has just been transferred out of ICU. Debbie has flown in today to be with him.  Please pray for his caregivers that what is needed can be taken care of and that he will be strong enough in a week or so to travel back home for further care.

Submitted by:  Mary Maresca

Merciful Jesus, during Your life on earth You showed great concern for the sick and the infirm. Have compassion now on those who are suffering from heart disease. Grant them a healing of mind and body and restore their strength and spirit. Comfort them with the knowledge that we are praying for them, and give them peace with a sense of Your Presence. Amen.

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