Prayer Requests

NATASHA JURRENS - niece of Brother Roger Strong

Posted Jan 24, 2018
by pbettge

Please pray for a quick and complete recovery for Natasha.  She was snow tubing in Iowa this evening and hit her head.  She has undergone surgery to relieve the pressure in her brain.  Thank you and God bless you and yours!

Submitted by:  Roger Strong, PGK Council 4497, El Paso

I prayed, "Please Lord, my life is a mess, let your love flow through me and bring healing."  And like a river cool refreshing water you flowed through me.  Not as a gentle stream, a rivulet of hope, but a torrent, sweeping debris away.  All those broken branches, rust-encrusted items, and accumulated debris, which were holding back the flow swept aside in a torrent of love, flooding through my veins,
pouring into my heart, filling my life.  This is healing.  Thank you, Lord

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