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OWEN JORREY - grandson of Paul and Patti Bettge - McKinney

Posted May 07, 2018
by pbettge

Please pray for Owen Jorrey, grandson of Paul and Patti Bettge.  Owen has been suffering with a stomach virus since last weekend and has become dehydrated and his digestive system is not working properly.  He has been admitted to Children's Hospital in Plano.  Please pray for complete recovery and divine guidance for his medical team.

Submitted by:  Patti Bettge (wife of Paul Bettge, former State Warden)

Dear Saint Timothy, well known for your gentleness, you were a most faithful disciple of St. Paul and like him traveled much to bring the Good News to all people. The Letters Paul wrote to you reveal your zeal and inspire us with confidence in you. You too were cast into prison and you too gave your life for Christ. So with confidence we dare to ask: please obtain relief for Owen if it be God's will. Amen.

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