Prayer Requests


Posted May 21, 2020
by pbettge

Please continue to pray for Chris Dux, Rebecca and his medical team.  Chris has a team of cardiologists and cardiovascular doctors that are assessing his situation.  On Thursday they will do a CT scan of the carotid arteries.  The final plan will be developed after that.  Likely, they will do a Cath. on Friday to place stents with the cardiovascular surgeon standing by in case there are complications.  By-pass surgery is a possibility.  Through all this process the biggest concern is plaque breaking off and clots that could result in a stroke.  Rebecca is allowed to be with him during the day.  No other visitors are allowed.  Chris greatly appreciates the prayers and support.

Requested by:  S.K. Don Babb, P.F.N., Faithful Comptroller, Father Joe Dean Assembly # 3324, 

God of Health and Wholeness,
We gather this morning to pray
For our dear friend (insert name)
as we desire for her to be restored
to the balance of good health.

We pray for a successful surgery and for the
Medical staff who will be working with him/her
so that, he/she may fully recover,
and return with renewed zeal
to the daily life that we share.


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