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UPDATE - JAVIER MARTINEZ - PSD and Supreme Director

Posted Nov 15, 2017
by pbettge

Thank you dearest prayer warriors for your powerful prayers. 

They finished both transplants in the scheduled timeline they anticipated (around 3:30 p.m.) and the doctors were very pleased with the functionality of the organs afterwards.  Part of the post-transplant process is to circulate the blood repeatedly through the body to check for bleeding and clotting.  With such a major surgery as this they kept him in the operating room after the transplant for an extensive period of time circulating the blood, working on his clotting factor, looking for bleeding, and monitoring blood pressure fluctuations.  They moved him into recovery around 7 p.m.  He still had one issue with bleeding which they think is around a drainage hose in his abdomen. To minimize stress on his heart and kidneys and to keep his new organs from stressing through the initial hours of recovery, they have put him on bypass for the night.  Obviously, he is heavily sedated. His condition is considered guarded but still critical after such a major surgery.  We were allowed to see him in recovery.  I must admit his recovery room was mega-intense.  These next few days in recovery are difficult to get through.  The medical staff there is the best so I am not worried about his care.  He is the best of hands, that of our Blessed Mother and our Lord and Savior, Jesus Christ, in whom I have complete trust.  Please continue to pray for Javier.  Please pray the Rosary!

Forever grateful,

Marietta & Family

Submitted by:  Estelle Simonton, wife of PSD Terry Simonton

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