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UPDATE - JAVIER MARTINEZ - PSD and Supreme Director

Posted Dec 04, 2017
by pbettge

Again we thank you so very much for all your prayers, novenas, and rosaries. We have felt every single one of them. They have strengthened and sustained us especially in the most difficult of times thus far. And they will continue to carry us on this long road ahead.

Javier has gone from surgery to baby step improvements the first 6 days and then to Big step progress since then. He used a lot of blood during surgery. He also had blood circulation/blood pressure concerns that can be associated with this kind of major transplant surgery. Regulating the blood pressure has been a fine tuning and a balancing of fluids and blood/blood products. They calculated it and he has gone through approx. 70 plus units of blood and blood products to date. The nursing staff is so awesomely amazing. I have seen the Holy Spirit working through them to get him through the hurdles. I am happy to say his blood pressure is holding its own with minimal medication assistance. The inflammatory response that one’s body goes through with this kind of surgery causes great swelling. That too has begun to subside significantly. That too has been a part of the balancing of fluids. After surgery and once the sedation wore off he was in significant pain for 10 days. After a scheduled follow-up surgery on last week his pain level has been relatively minimal. His lungs are acclimating well to his body. We are told the liver will take a little longer. They have him on the full gamete of immuno-suppressants so his body doesn’t reject the organs. The risk of infection is the 2nd greatest concern for the doctors. That will remain a concern throughout his year of recovery ahead. He is still on a respirator to support the lungs until they are complete ready to take over. They removed the respirator from his mouth on Wednesday and establish a temporary tracheotomy to connect the respirator there so to continue to provide intermittent support to the lungs until they are completely self-sufficient.

Yesterday he was stable enough to be moved from surgical recovery to I. C. U. Hurrah!!!! This is a big blessing and step forward. This is a few days earlier than anticipated. The unit is less busy and noisy. He can finally get some sleep. He will remain there for about a month. After that he will move to a regular room on the transplant floor for another month to continue rehab. We still have a very long journey ahead, but with your continued prayers we will get through it.  Our Lord, Jesus Christ, the Holy Spirit, and our Blessed Mother have truly been on this journey with us since before we ever knew Javier had a medical issue. They have guided us through concern, challenge, crossroads, and decisions. When we were off path or slightly lost we were quickly led back to Center. When we felt unsure about something and prayed for help He quickly had the answer in place. There were times when He cleared the way for us even before we realized we would need guidance. They have put the best doctors in our path and led us to the best possible treatment center, CHI-Baylor-St. Luke’s Medical Center. During and after surgery, through your prayers, we have been strengthened and Javier has experience God healing power.

Many of you have asked what else you can do for us. For now, you can help by giving blood.  We were informed that there was a lot of bleeding during Javier's surgery. Since then he has received more units of blood and blood products i.e. platelets, plasma. I know Javier would greatly appreciate your help in replacing the blood for him. He would feel bad if others would suffer due to a lack of blood because it was used for him.  Even after he is fully recovered he will not be able to personally offset any of what was used. So this would an enormous help. If you are not able to donate blood, please encourage someone you know to donate in your place.   I was informed that the practice of crediting a blood donation to a particular individual as a replacement for blood used is no longer doable. That is fine; our insurance will take care of the cost of blood used for Javier. But blood is not a product that can be artificially generated; it must be given. A lifesaving gift!  So whatever your blood type, Just Give! You can give at any blood collection location.  If you live in the Houston area and if at all possible, since Javier’s usage of blood is at CHI St. Luke's Hospital in the Medical Center, your donation at this hospital would be a direct replacement and a cost saving factor to the hospital. The hospital would not have to depend on getting replacement blood from a collection site which involves paying a collection service fee. This is true for every hospital so go to any hospital in your area or simply any blood collection location in your area. Take a friend with you! Call first for an appointment. If we think of something else we will let you know. For now please keep praying.

We are eternally grateful for your prayers, support, and love. Jesus, I trust in You!

Submitted by:  Marietta Martinez and Family

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