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UPDATE - JAVIER MARTINEZ - PSD and Supreme Director

Posted Jan 02, 2018
by pbettge

I pray you all are in good health and that you are continuing to have a very blessed Christmas. Especially safe travels this cold and icy week.

Thank y’all for your ongoing prayers and support. Javier’s overall condition has improved this past week. He had a severe blood infection that really weakened him. He has since recovered and no longer has the infection. His lungs are doing very well and his heart remains strong. His blood pressure has improved albeit with continued medication support. They are continuing to ween him off the blood pressure meds as much as possible so he can be ready for surgery. It is a tricky and constant balancing act on the part of the nurses. They are so amazing. I call them God’s angels caring for him. Since he is still getting IV fluids it forces the need for the BP meds. The improvements are all still baby steps. I wish the steps were bigger but I am grateful that we are moving forward. The slowness of the process is a good thing for him. It has given him time to get stronger again. It gets him closer to being able to go to surgery when an available donor liver is a match. Please continue to pray for him to be ready for surgery, that a donor liver will be a match for him, that he pulls through surgery, and that his subsequent recovery will be short and sweet. That’s a lot to pray for, but since before we knew Javier was going to need a transplant, much less two transplants, the Holy Spirit has paved the way for us, guided us, and carried us through these recent tough times. With your continued prayers, I trust he will see us through this and beyond.

God bless your year ahead with great joy, love, peace of heart & soul, good health, and safe travels.

Submitted by:   Marietta & Family

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