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UPDATE - JAVIER MARTINEZ - PSD and Supreme Director

Posted Jan 31, 2018
by pbettge

We pray everyone is in good health and enjoying the New Year.  A lot has happened this past week.  Javier's condition and particularly his blood pressure remains stable.  He is still on 2 blood pressure medications, but one is as low as it can go and the second one is currently very low.  They are not working to get him off the second blood pressure medication since he has been through a lot this week and he needed the little bit of extra support it provides.  Since the last update, Javier has had a third draining of fluid from his abdoment and another CT scan.  He did great through both procedures.  The fluid was sent for a 48 hour culture study.  The results of the fluid culture showed one infection cleared and another was detected.  Fortunately, it showed very little growth so they believe that it was caught very early.  He has not been sick from it yet.  Unfortunately, it is a very resistant strain of bacteria (V.R.E.).  Other blood cultures this week showed a staph infection in his blood.  It is a result of the tubing from the IV and ports.  They noted that it should diminish fairly quickly as it too was detected early.  All IV lines have been changed again.                                                

The week before last, a doctor on the lung transplant team removed the last few staples from a small portion of the incision in his chest (from the lung transplant).  They covered it with steri-strips.  It had a little seepage so they put a dressing on it and changed it daily.  After 5 days they felt is was possibly showing a small infection.  After the primary lung surgeon looked at it yesterday, he decided that it needed a special treatment to stop the growth and promote quicker healing.  The procedure required a very sterile environment so they took Javier back to the operating room to get it done.  Since the chest incision was going to be treated in the O.R., the lung transplant team was notified and asked if they wanted to treat the abdominal incision from the liver transplant.  That area had opened significantly weeks ago and became very wide.  So both incisions received the special treatment.- Vacuum Assisted ClosureTherapy System.  What I didn't realize prior to the procedure is that they opened each incision completely, debrided each one and then applied the treatment.  It is going to take a long while before the incisions are healed, but I am told this is the best sterile healing process.  The process involves draining excess fluid from the incisions.  As you might imagine, Javier is uncomfortable and will be for a week or so.  

The immediate concern is that the bacterial infection in his abdomen could enter the bloodstream.  If that were to happen, it would make him very sick and make fighting the infection much harder.  Such was the case at Christmas.  A future transplant surgery cannot happen until he is free of infections and these incisions have healed to a certain point.  We are praying that the infections clear out without spreading elsewhere, that there are not future infections and that the incisions heal quickly.

Go bless your week.  Thank you so very much for your continued prayers, rosaries and novenas.

Submitted by:  Marietta & Family

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