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UPDATE - PATTI BETTGE - State Prayer Coordinator, wife of Paul Bettge - Lake Jackson

Posted Dec 20, 2017
by pbettge

Thank you all so much for your prayers.  God is good.  The cardioversion went well.  My heart rate is back to normal rhythm and hopefully will remain there for a while.  I appreciate all of you and all the prayers you send for all those who are so in need of them.

Submitted by:  Patti Bettge - K.C. Prayer Requests

Almighty, true and incomparable God, You are present in all things, yet in no way limited by them.  You remain unaffected by place, untouched by time, unperturbed by years, and undeceived by words.  You are not subject to birth and in no need of protection.  You are beyond all corruption, above all change, immutable by nature.  You live in unapproachable light and are invisible, yet You are known to all those who seek You with hope and love.  You are the God of Israel, and of all who hope in Christ.  Amen.

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