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CEREMONIALS - Phillip E. Apgar, Chairman

Admission Degrees
Texas will have its best year yet and this Fraternal Year will be it! We strongly encourage each District Deputy to either schedule and host one Admission Degree each month in his District or participate in a Degree hosted nearby. The more Admission Degrees you schedule, the harder your Brother Knights will recruit to get the candidates to the scheduled degree. Advertise the scheduled Admissions Degrees on your Diocesan website, through email to other District Deputies and to your Councils during your monthly visit. Hold it and they will come! Each District should strive to be recruitment active every month, and if every District is recruitment active with an average of three new members per District each month, the membership goal will be easily met. 
Please ensure candidates are escorted to a degree, that the escort has the candidates properly completed Form 100, that their dues have been paid and bring the Admission Degree Kit for the Candidate. Unescorted candidates put the Degree Teams in a very uncomfortable spot when they are trying to be welcoming to new members but none of the necessary paperwork is complete and no one is available who knows the candidate. As always, the Form 450 must be filed immediately following the Admission Degree by the District Deputy, or the Degree Team Captain, or the Financial Secretary of the Council or by anyone appointed by the Grand Knight of the Council to do so. 
Admission Degree Honorees
When conducting Admission Degrees, the exemplifications should be dedicated in honor or in memory of a member of our clergy. 
The following recommendations are provided:
July and August - Venerable Father Michael J. McGivney
September and October - Supreme Chaplain
November and December - Council Chaplain
January and February - Parish Pastors and All Clergy
March and April - Pope Francis
May and June – Bishops

Formation and Knighthood Degrees
Formation and Knighthood Degrees “Major Degrees” should be scheduled at least six months in advance of the agreed upon date for the degree, and as soon as possible after the start of each Fraternal Year on July 1. A Major Degree is a big event for Councils to host, so advanced scheduling and planning are necessary for a successful Major Degree. It all begins with you as District Deputy, so consult with your Diocesan Deputies, your Grand Knights and even your Fourth Degree Masters to coordinate and make sure that major degrees are held in advance of Fourth Degree exemplifications. When the date is set, use the Major Degree Request Form. 

Major Degree Request Form
Contact the Captain of the Major Degree Team that you prefer to conduct the degree, and mutually agree on an acceptable date. If necessary in your Diocese, get the approval of the Diocesan Deputy prior to contacting the Captain of the Major Degree team.
Contact the Grand Knight of the council that will host the Major Degree and be sure the facilities are adequate to host a Major Degree. Also make sure that the Grand Knight and Financial Secretary of the council is aware of the cost of the Major Degree. The Captain of the Degree Team should verify the team expense prior to the actual exemplification.
Fill out a Major Degree Request Form and mail it to Ceremonials Chairman Phil Apgar, 2908 Stanford Drive, Flower Mound, TX 75022, or scan a completed form and attach it to an email and email it to .
If necessary, contact the Ceremonials Chairman for assistance when filling out the Major Degree Request Form at 469-964-6358 or 972-539-6279
The Major Degree Request Form is available upon request from the Ceremonials Chairman, or from the state website at, then scrolling to the bottom of the first screen, on the right side, under Downloads, click Texas State Council Forms and the Major Degree Schedules are the first item you will see, followed by the Major Degree Request Form in both Excel and fillable pdf format. 
For an exemplification that requires the Major Degree Team to stay overnight, the host District Deputy and the host Council are responsible for the team’s supper during the evening prior to the day of the Major, breakfast on the day of the Major Degree, and a meal following the Major Degree.
Contact the Conferring Officer approximately two weeks before a Major Degree with questions or needed directions.
Contact the Degree Team Captain for questions or needed directions.
Invite the local Color Corps in full regalia to participate in the Mass prior to the Major Degree.
District Deputies are responsible for completing and submitting the Form 450 via email to and A Form 450 needs to be completed separately for the Formation Degree and another one separately for the Knighthood Degree. 

Each council will need to order a “Membership Medallion” for each of their candidates. (Supreme #30630 for English, Supreme #30632 for Spanish)
Patriotism is the fourth principle of our order. Patriotism is defined as devoted love, support, and defense of one’s country. 
It takes courage to be part of an organization that stands firmly with the teachings of our church, but sadly is often at odds with today’s secular society. It takes courage to be part of an organization that stands for religious freedom and family values. It takes courage to be part of an organization that believes as our church teaches that marriage is a sacramental union between one man and one woman, and that abortion is the murder of an innocent life. It takes a special courage to be a 4th degree member where your allegiance to our church and our country becomes more visible, and more public. Promote and strengthen patriotic spirit of civic community to educate its members and others, both teaching of Holy Mother Church and History of our nation.
The fourth degree of the Knights of Columbus is alive and well in Texas. All the 4th degree membership, the title of Sir Knight has been bestowed on 682 of our brother knights in Texas so far, this fraternal year. But our work is not done. Now, as much as any time in our history, our Church needs us; our country needs us. We must be involved in the civic processes. We must work to support laws that protect our liberties, our values, and the rights of the innocent. Our strength is in our numbers. Our collective voice can help guide the direction of this country, but to do so, we must participate. More importantly-- no, most importantly-- we must continue to pray that the Holy Spirit guide our elected officials in their work.
We learn more about who we are and what we stand for. The 21,000 Sir Knights in the Our Lady of Guadalupe Province represent just over 18 percent of the Knight of Columbus membership in the province. This means 82%-- or approximately 95,000 of our members--have never heard the lesson of the 4th degree on Patriotism. So today, I ask each of you to go back to your councils and encourage your members to “Complete the Journey”. The 4th degree is the final step in your quest for full Knighthood in the Knights of Columbus. Come join us. Vivat Jesus!! Viva Christo Rey!! Our Lady of Guadalupe, Pray for Us.


Civic Award – This award is a tribute to the Spirit of Patriotism and National Pride exemplified by the assembly’s program of activities. Conducting four patriotic programs.
To Be A Patriot Award – Award annually recognizes the top three single best patriotic programs conducted by 4th Degree assemblies each fraternal year.
Provincial Award of Excellence – Meet membership growth quota by 10%, complete all assembly forms on time and achieve the civic award.
Star Assembly Award – Earn the 4th Degree Civic Award, enter the “To be a Patriot”
Submit a report on the single most patriotic activity of the assembly. 
Meet new member goal of 7%, Submit the report of Officers – Form 186 (July 1st)
Submit Annual Survey of Fraternal Activity – Form 1728
Submit Annual Assembly Audit Report – Form 1315.
Publish a monthly newsletter bulletin for assembly member.

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