Program Manual

Columbian Squires

The Columbian Squires is the official Youth Organization of the Knights of Columbus. They are ‘Knights in Training’, learning leadership skills as Catholic young men.  Squires Circles are active in their local Parish by conducting activities for community, service, Church, social events, sporting events and membership recruitment.

To start a Squires Circle you need to have your Financial Secretary order Kit # 1 (Columbian Squires Inquiry Kit Order Form - Form 2935).  Kit #2 will come later with books and supplies.

*** Some of these forms can be printed at the Supreme Council website.

  1. Grand Knights should appoint a committee of Knights to start a Squire’s Circle and report progress. Texas has 705 Councils, but only 87 Squires Circles.
  2. District Deputies need to contact and encourage Councils to start Squires Circles. The goal is to have a Squires Circle in every Council and 350 new Squires this year.
  3. Make plans to have pulpit announcements telling the parishioners that the Knights of Columbus are starting a Columbian Squires Circle. (Describe as an organization for young Catholic Men age 10 to 18.)  Set up a display table to signup new Squires.
  4. Have the Financial Secretary order FREE Squires signup Form 280’s, Squire Pins, Books, Squire badges, patches, brochures, posters, and handouts. Go to the Supreme Council website for a listing of supplies and to order Online or through the Financial Secretary.
  5. Make sure your Counselors and Squires attend Texas State Squire Conventions, usually in January and June of each year.

ESTO DIGNUS - Be Worthy and with Gods help we can do it.

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