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Council Reactivations and Mergers

Council Reactivations and Mergers - Bill Tillotson, Chairman

The reactivation process for a dormant council is similar to that of a new council. See table at end of this section for all steps required in order to reactivate. The chairman will help you work through these steps.
Diocesan and District Deputies should be aware of barriers that arose for the potential reactivated council in the past. Awareness of these barriers and addressing them early on will help assure success.
The first step is to meet with the Pastor and Knights in the parish to determine the prospects for reactivating the Council. Then a roster should be worked through to determine if members want to remain in the reactivated council. The rest of the steps should be worked through as a team to help make the reactivation of the council a success. The roster must have 20 members to complete the reactivation process.
Council Reactivation Guidelines:
Notice of Intent to Reactivate a Suspended Council:
Council mergers occur when a dormant council has no hope of reactivation, such as parish or college closure. Mergers allow the members of the dormant council to renew their full membership and have full fraternal benefits. Merging of councils requires contacting the membership of dormant council and working with Supreme to disposition these men. Contact the chairman for details of the process.

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