Program Manual

Council Retention

Council Retention - Tony Hernández, Chairman

The mission of our Council Retention program is to ensure that all councils in Texas operate in good standing with Supreme Council. This is accomplished when all councils pay their per capita charges on time and in full. Our goal is for all Brother Knights to enjoy the fraternal and many substantial rewards for them and their families to which they are due as members of the Knights of Columbus. A few of these rewards are: Family Fraternal Benefits, Orphan Benefits, Member/Spouse Fraternal Benefit, Widow Benefits, and Scholarships. 
That also means that all Brothers can participate in state events such as the Annual Convention, sports tournaments (golf, bowling, softball) and the Free Throw Contest so many of our youth and their families enjoy. Our Council Retention Chairman will inform the State Officers, State Directors, Diocesan Deputies and District Deputies which councils have not paid their Supreme per-capita. This information will be used to follow-up with respective councils. District Deputies should start expecting phone calls in August following the July billing and in February following the January billing. 
As District Deputies and leaders on the State Council, your assistance in ensuring that all councils plan for and pay per capita bills from Supreme on time is essential. Please ensure your councils don’t wait until the last minute to submit these payments. As a reminder, payments of Supreme per capita do not require a council vote. As an FYI, additional councils were suspended for non–payment of per capita during the 2017-2018 fraternal year.

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