Program Manual

Message From the Council Growth Director

Tony Fontanelli, Council Growth Director

The goal and mission of the Council Growth Team is to adhere to the vision of our Founder, Father Michael J. McGivney by promoting the establishment of a Knights of Columbus presence in every catholic parish.
This goal is to be achieved by the establishment of new councils in parishes where previously one did not exist, and to re-activate councils in parishes where there was a presence some time ago but not in recent years.
Additionally, it is the goal of the Council Growth Committee to reduce the number of inactive and dormant councils in Texas by re-activating those councils wherever possible or by merging dormant councils and members on their rosters who desire to remain Knights into active councils in the same geographic area. We also seek to retain all of our current active councils by working with them to ensure they stay current with their Supreme per capita payments.
College councils are also a primary concern of the Council Growth Committee. We seek to enlist 18 year olds leaving for college into the college council on the campus of the university they will be attending. We increase exponentially the chances of keeping these young men in the Catholic faith if we can get them into a college council.

The Council Growth Team is also responsible for the submittal of Round Tables to Supreme in every parish where there presently is not a Knights of Columbus council but where the opportunity for one may exist in the future. Round Tables are the foundation we build upon for the growth of councils in Texas in the future.

In the pages that follow each of the chairmen in the areas above has provided additional details on how District Deputies and Council Officers and members can be successful in establishing or retaining councils in their areas.
You are our “Boots on the Ground”. Without you and the hard work you put in each and every day, we cannot succeed or meet any of our goals.

Links to the Supreme Website Council Growth Forms are listed below. Forms may also be requested by emailing any of the Council Growth Team members or downloading them from the Texas State Website
When submitting New Council or Council Reactivation forms through us, be sure to email yourself and your District Deputy a copy, and also send a copy to
Links to Supreme Website for Council Growth Forms (English) (Spanish)

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