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Message from the Director

David Zeigler, Sr., Education and Training Director
903-926-0776; Email:

The mission of the Texas State Education, Training, and Communication Team is to provide the WHO, WHAT, WHERE, HOW, & WHEN for leadership training and resources for Knights in the State of Texas.


The primary focus will be to help you understand the expectations of each of your leadership roles. Our main audience will be Grand Knights, Financial Secretaries, Trustees, Council Service Personnel, District Deputies and Diocesan Deputies; however the training is available to all Knights willing to step up & learn more about the Order’s operations.


We offer resources to Supreme materials, Texas State Council materials, Financial Secretary Training materials (also in Spanish), Texas State Communications, and other leadership content.


Supreme Resources - Officer Training Website -

(DD, GK, DGK, FS, New Officer training, Personal Recruitment Skills – open to all) follow the pop up instructions, log in. Once logged in click on the “ME” tab & get trained

Supreme Council Website – ; Officers log in and click on:

“Fraternal Training” icon for all training or webinars

“Officer’s Desk Reference” icon for Frequently Asked Question {FAQ) about Council operations

“Office of Youth Protection” icon for all SAFE questions

“Home Corporation” icon for all forms & information for Halls & Council relationships

“Knights Gear” icon for all shopping needs

“Supplies Online” icon for all Council & Assembly supplies

Other Supreme materials are available for download under the “Reports” or “Forms” tab.


District Deputies - Twice per year we will conduct training at the State Organizational Meeting in July (District Deputy 101) and the State Mid-Year Meeting in December (District Deputy 102). We will provide a Trainers & training curriculum to hold Diocesan Meetings and one-on-one training of District Deputies on their basic roles and responsibilities – in person or via Video Conferencing (Zoom). We will update additional leadership resources & the materials as they are made available for download.

District Meetings for your councils outside the Diocesan Conference are an invaluable resource to allow your local District Councils to work together to accomplish the same goals.  The training team is available to help you setup & conduct such meetings.


Diocesan Deputies – Leadership training resources will be available for download from the Supreme Council & Texas State Council Websites.  A minimum of 2 required Diocesan Conferences should be held.  Trainers & material will be available to conduct these Conferences. The main requirement for the local council officers will be to attend these Diocesan Conferences [an expectation of a council officer] and take this information back to your local council members and put the training into action.

The Finish Line will be a monthly publication sent out to all leaders for all upcoming events & deadlines for the next 30-60-90 days.

The State Convention will have several breakout training sessions for local Council Officers.

Our goal is to communicate & make all information available for the Councils to be successful.  Only when the Council is successful does it move up the chain to District, Diocese, State, & Supreme Council being successful.  The mantra “Do your Job” is used a lot, but think about it.  If the council leaders fulfill their expectations i.e. – ask a Catholic gentleman to join, provide opportunities for insurance, and have good programs - by doing their job, the council’s membership goal, insurance goal, & program goals will take care of themselves. We believe communications is the real way to get it done.   We are here to serve you! Let’s have a great year! Vivat Jesus!



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