Program Manual

Message from the Director

Pat Henz
Program Director

Back to normal or is this the New Norm?  As we continue to adjust to the havoc that the Coronavirus has done to our Nation, to our Community, our Parishes, our Councils, and even to our families, one thing did not change – the mission of the Knights of Columbus: “We are Catholic men building a bridge back to faith.  There is much good and necessary work to be done in this world, and that’s what the Knights do everyday.” 

This virus took us to our knees.  But as we began to adjust, we started to find ways to adapt and help each other.  As Knights, our duty is to lead our families, protect our parishes, and serve our communities.  Where there is a need, there is a KNIGHT.  Shortly after the virus started spreading and communities were being shut down, Supreme initiated the “Leave No Neighbor Behind” program.  As the coronavirus continues into the new fraternal year, this program will continue.  Knights are encouraged to serve and sacrifice for those around us.  Many, including in our own councils and parishes, are isolated and alone in quarantine.  Food banks, blood centers, and other essentials services have been depleted of their vital supplies.  There are many people and places that require urgent help.  There are several councils who have been doing this sort of service for years, so it is nothing new.  For other councils, this is an opportunity to create a “new norm” or activity and start one of these programs.  Go to for more details on “Leave No Neighbor Behind.”   

If your council has been doing some of these programs; Feed the Hungry, Blood Drives, Support Your Parish, Support Your Brother Knights, etc, please submit a report on those actions.  This is a special report specific for LNNB.  Go to, under “News Hub”, click on “Leave No Neighbor Behind.”  There you will see a link for “Report Activity.”  Click on this link and begin to fill in the blanks, then click submit.   

The success of any council comes from the success of its programs.  Successful programs bring new members.  Without these two, a council begins to fail. The FAITH IN ACTION program, organized into the FAITH, FAMILY, COMMUNITY, and LIFE categories, empowers Knights to come together to share their Catholic faith, celebrate fraternity with loved ones, and do what they do best – stand shoulder to shoulder in service to the community and to defend life at all stages and in every condition.  Woven within these four categories are the opportunities to share something that all generations and cultures within our organization seek in their membership in the Knights of Columbus.

The Program Team is here to help answer questions and provide suggestions in order for your council to achieve the ultimate goal – STAR COUNCIL.  Going forward, here are key points to remember when preparing and planning your programs:

Order the Fraternal Successful Planner (#5033-2020). Give one to each of your officers and your Directors.  This planner provides the timeline when to order supplies, all the due dates, and what forms to use for the various activities.

  • Submit your Service Program Personnel Report (#365) – Due Aug 1.  
  • Meet with your pastor and give him a Faith in Action booklet.  Discuss key programs that he would like to see the council involved in.
  • Plan and schedule these events.  Some of the activities are time sensitive. Make sure someone is assigned to lead or chair each event.  
  • Promote your programs through the church bulletin, council webpage, emails, newsletters, and other social media.
  • After each activity, submit the Fraternal Program Report (#10784).
  • Share photos of the event and/or write up a article for bulletin, social media, Texas Knight, Columbian Magazine, etc.
  • Consider your best programs from each of the four categories and submit them for the State Program Awards (Due March 1st).
  • The Columbian Award form (SP-7 Due 6/30)) – To qualify for the Columbian Award, a council must do four activities in each of the four categories (16 total).  Councils can always do more. There are “Featured Programs” that a council can earn two credits if conducted according to the details.  The Columbian Award leads to the Star Council Award.
  • The Columbian Award is a special award that every council should receive. When councils focus on activities in all four categories, they are giving the opportunity for every man to be involved in something near and dear to their hearts.  And doing what the Knights do best – to serve one another. 
  • Remember to have fun doing the activities and build that bond of friendship among brothers and families.

The list below highlights the 32 Supreme Council programs, inclusive of existing and new programs. Your council is encouraged to implement any program(s) that will help make a difference in your parish and community.  Obtaining a maximum of 16 program credits (4 in each category) qualifies the council to earn the Columbian Award. The programs highlighted here are meant to inspire your council to put their faith into action.  I want to stress, your council may already be doing programs that fall into these categories but titled differently, or they may choose to conduct one or more of the programs in this manual, or they may develop programs unique to the parish or community.  Again, it is important that councils are doing programs that reach every members interest.  Successful programs bring in new members.  New members help make the council active and successful.  Qualifying for the Columbian Award is one step closer in earning Star Council – the highest award Supreme gives out to councils and something that all councils should strive to earn.


Spiritual Reflection Program *
Into the Breach *
Holy Hour *

Building the Domestic Church Kiosk
Rosary Program
Marian Icon Prayer Program
Sacramental Gifts


Leave No Neighbor Behind *
Global Wheelchair Mission *
Habitat for Humanity *
Coats for Kids *

|Free Throw Championship
Catholic Citizenship Essay Contest
Soccer Challenge
Disaster Preparedness


Building the Domestic Church *
Food for Families *
Family of the Month/Year *
Family Prayer Night *

Family Fully Alive
Family Week
Keep Christ in Christmas
Good Friday Family Promotion


Special Olympics *
Marches for Life *
Ultrasound Program*
Pregnancy Center Support *

Silver Rose
Mass for People with Special Needs
Novena for Life
Christian Refugee Relief



The Supreme Council has designated select programs (bolded and marked with an * above) as featured programs in each of the Program categories. When your council conducts a featured program and satisfies the associated requirements (a specific form and verification), it will receive two credits toward that program category.

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