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New Council Development

New Council Development - James DeGhelder, Chairman

Council Growth is charged with guiding the growth and expansion of the Order. The dream of Father Michael J. McGivney is to have a council presence in every parish and that is our primary focus. The Knights of Columbus is making every effort to bring the benefits of membership to every Catholic gentleman through the New Council Development program. To accomplish this, members of Council Growth can assist the dioceses of the State to better facilitate the development, reactivation, and retention of Knights of Columbus councils. A council presence in every parish and on every college and university campus is our goal; that is our commitment.

Follow these few helpful tips:
Hold monthly meetings with new members and transfers with updates on the progress and things that still need to be done.
DO NOT park new members in an existing Council. Keep new members active at business and planning meetings. 
REMEMBER: Get as much done as you can before Advent and Lent. Not much happens during these two seasons.
For additional or more detailed information, please refer to the New Council Development Guidelines as published by the Supreme Office. The checklist at the end of this section is to be used by Diocesan and District Deputies. It is a quick guide to be used to monitor the progress of a new council or a reactivation. Please refer to this checklist whenever you are contacted by a State Officer, Major Director or Committee Chairman.

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