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Parish Round Tables

Parish Round Tables - Marcelino Compean, Chairman

When the Venerable Fr. Michael J. McGivney founded the Knights of Columbus in 1882, he envisioned that every Catholic gentleman age 18 and older would be offered the opportunity to enjoy the benefits offered by the Knights of Columbus. To take this charge one step further our Supreme Knight Carl Anderson expects to have a Knights of Columbus presence in every parish as we are considered to be the right arm of the church. We have approximately 1300 parishes and missions in the State of Texas. There are 805 chartered Knights of Columbus councils in the State of Texas. As you can see we do not have a Knights of Columbus council in each parish or mission. However, we can provide a Knights of Columbus presence in each parish and mission through the implementation of Round Tables. ‘Living in service to all’ is one of the most dynamic qualities of being a Knight of Columbus. A unique way for Knights to serve is by offering their assistance in parishes that do not have a Knights of Columbus Council. Not only does this demonstrate to the parish priest that we are ‘In Solidarity with Our Priests’ but it proves to this priest that we are true to our word. If he knows about the Knights of Columbus, and even if he does not, it instills in him the difference a Knights of Columbus Council can make if he had one in his parish. This is a two way street and a ‘win - win’ situation for the Knights of Columbus. This makes the Knights of Columbus a visible talent and an asset in the parish and community and instills in that parish priest the importance in having his own Knights of Columbus Council within his parish. He in turn will instill in the men of his parish the importance of being a Knight of Columbus and as a result, our Order will grow and Texas will continue to increase its membership.
The Parish Round Table Program is an easy and effective way for Knights to better serve the individual parishes, priests and to be the visible force for good in their communities. Round Tables establish a presence in sub-communities of a large single parish Council, perhaps with a significant Hispanic community or other nationality. The Round Table representatives are members of the sponsoring council, and are members of the parish establishing a Round Table with that member serving as the Parish Round Table Coordinator. In those situations where Round Tables have been successful and membership is growing, the Host Council, District Deputy, Diocesan Deputy and Council Growth team should be evaluating the ability of the Round Table to grow into a full-fledged Council. 

The guidelines to establish a Parish Round Table are:

  1. The Grand Knight decides which area parishes or parish sub-communities (Guadalupanas, Cursillistas, etc.) will be served.
  2. The Grand Knight and his Officers make lists of council members who belong to those parishes or sub-communities.
  3. Grand Knight informs members which parishes or sub-community will have a Round Table.
  4. Grand Knight and chosen parishioner sets up a meeting with the Pastor or sub-community leader to offer help.
  5. During the meeting, the Grand Knight and representative will explain how the Knights of Columbus can be of assistance. Also need to emphasize that this is not a “one and done” opportunity but a chance to provide on-going assistance. 
  6. If the Pastor or sub-community is not receptive to a Parish Round Table, the Pastor’s decision is accepted, but keep the offer open in case things change.
  7. If the Pastor or sub-community is receptive, the Grand Knight appoints one Parish Round Table coordinator for each designated Parish or sub-community.
  8. The Grand Knight completes the Report of the Parish Round Table Coordinator (Form 2629) and submits it to Supreme with copy to District Deputy and Round Table Coordinator.
  9. Communicate all Parish Round Table appointments to those involved and make announcements.

The Knights of Columbus ‘Parish Round Table’ guidelines are available for review and can be downloaded at: ;
Please take advantage of this booklet.
Form to establish or reestablish a Parish Round Table is available at: (Spanish)
If you already have a Parish Round Table, please remember that Form 2630 must be completed and received by Supreme Council June 30 of each Fraternal Year. The form may be printed and mailed to Supreme Council but it is preferred that you complete it on line: (Spanish)

Please be patient as it may take a couple of minutes to download the form. This is a two (2) page form. Once completed, please remember to make the proper distribution of the form to insure you receive the proper credit. When emailing Form 2630 to the State Council, please email it to Thanks for your support.
 If any of the links above do not operate by clicking on them, just “copy” the link and “paste” in your browser, hit enter and it should bring up the information. Round Tables must be re-established every year by filing Form 2629 (Parish Round Table Coordinator). Our goal is to have all forms re-establishing Round Tables completed and submitted by 8/31 (normal due date is 9/30). New Round Tables may be submitted at any time during the fraternal year.

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