Prayer Requests

Submitted Jun 28, 2017
VALERIE UNRUH - Daughter of Chris and Jean Ann Johnson
Please pray for our daughter, Valorie Unruh, as she had surgery to remove her breast cancer. Please pray with us for her full and rapid recovery!  Submitted by:  Chris… read more
Submitted Jun 28, 2017
UPDATE - ALICIA & ISAIAH WADE - niece and unborn grand nephew of Bryan Pool
Good afternoon my dear friends & Brother Knights, Thank you for your outpouring of prayer for my niece Alicia and her unborn baby boy, Isaiah Michael.  I ask you to please… read more
Submitted Jun 26, 2017
SK BOBBY R. ZEIGLER, SR. - Father of David Zeigler, Tyler Diocesan Deputy
Please pray for my dad – SK Bobby R. Zeigler Sr.  He blacked out & had seizure type symptoms at 5 am this morning in Arkansas.  I just happen to be home with him… read more
Submitted Jun 22, 2017
RONNIE MAYNARD - brother of Charles “Chief” Veith
Please add my brother Ronnie Maynard to our KCTEXASPRAYERS. He has been undergoing chemotherapy for stomach cancer following a resection. It has metastasized and returned. Please pray… read more
Submitted Jun 19, 2017
KAREN JONES - friend of Doug Oldmixon & Jo-Dee Benson, State Deputy and First Lady of Texas
Please pray for Karen Jones, friend of Doug Oldmixon, Texas State Deputy and Jo-Dee Benson, First Lady of Texas/  Karen was recently diagnosed with breast cancer and is recovering… read more
Submitted Jun 19, 2017
BILL BRANDON -  State Emergency Response Chairman
Bill has two vertebrae that were found to be broken – he is about to undergo a series of doctor visits and test to understand why this occurred and what the treatment will… read more
Submitted Jun 17, 2017
JACQUELINE LONGWELL - daughter of Janis & James Hatcher - Houston
Please pray for a successful surgery for Jacqueline Longwell, daughter of Janis and James Hatcher.  She will be having surgery on June 20.  All prayers would be gratefully… read more
Submitted Jun 17, 2017
LADY RUBY REAM - wife of District 6 Marshal Don Ream
Please pray for Lady Ruby Ream who was admitted to Northwest Austin Hospital, St. David's Thursday evening.  According to Don, her hemoglobin count was very low, so the staff… read more
Submitted Jun 11, 2017
BILL HARRIS – Former Austin Diocesan Deputy
Please pray for former Austin Diocesan Deputy Bill Harris.  His wife Laine just called and Bill is out of surgery and doing well.  She said the first thing he asked the… read more
Submitted Jun 11, 2017
CHRIS LEONE - son of Giacomo Leone, Austin
Please keep Chris Leone, son of Giacomo Leone, Council 10131, in your prayers.  He is undergoing treatment, and needs all the support he can get.  Prayers will be the best… read more

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