May 23, 2016
Disaster Relief Thank you!

The monies we raised were split 50/50 between Sacred Heart St. Vincent DePaul and the Garland ISD Tornado Response Initiative Through Student Services. Below is a recap of figures that Malcolm pulled together on the monies we raised. The total amount raised was $14109.00.

May 04, 2016

June 11, 2016 at St. Louis Church, Wozniak Hall

YOU are invited to have a great time with dinner, casino games, raffles, prizes, and fellowship.


Tickets are $25 per person

Visit to purchase or call

Carlos J. Gonzalez at 512-497-8779

Only 200 tickets will be sold.


Ages 18 and over are welcome.


Dinner 6.30 to 7.30pm

Casino Games 7.30 to 10.30pm


Tickets include BBQ dinner, tea, coffee, and $10,000 in

gaming chips for entertainment.

We will also have sodas, desserts, and snacks for sale.



All proceeds will go towards a new scoreboard

for the St. Louis Catholic School soccer field.


For more info email us at

May 04, 2016
Good of the Order Report Introduction

Your Excellency (ies), Reverend Father (s), State Deputy, Worthy Supreme Director, Worthy Assistant to the Supreme Knight, State Officers and delegates…

I would like to thank the following Brother Knights for serving on the Good of the Order Committee. 

Tom Clark, State Pro-Life Chairman
Francisco Cantu, GK 6832
Calixtro Serda, Treasurer 6832
Greg Forestieri, GK 6878
Robert Maldonado, GK 9902
William Hoagland, GK 10209
Walter Miramontez, GK 12040
David Harmon, GK 12153
Scott Rollins, GK 13825
Paul O’Brien, GK 15105
Herman Rodriguez, GK 15512

Would the Brother Knights I just mentioned please stand so we can applaud you for your time and commitment?  I particularly want to thank Brother Tom Clark who agreed to serve as Co-Chairman and the main spokesman of this committee.

The Good of the Order is a tradition that evolved from our Supreme Council many years ago.  The purpose is to place particular emphasis on some key areas which the committee offers for consideration and subsequently should be taken back to your councils for their consideration.  It will also be posted on the TSC website as a download for sharing.

Without further delay I call on Brother Tom Clark for this report.

Good of the Order Report

Under the continued Solidarity with our Priests and Seminarians:        We Request…

Continued prayers for, and support in solidarity with, our Holy Father, Pope Francis, the Cardinals, Bishops, Priests, Deacons, Religious and Seminarians.

Each Council to add the Holy Father’s intentions to their Council’s prayer list and to list these intentions at their meetings as published in the Columbia magazine.

Continued support for our Council and Chapter Chaplains and our Assembly Friars, to include hosting a Diocesan wide clergy and religious appreciation event every year.

Continued support for the Canonization of Venerable Father Michael J. McGivney with prayers and by enrolling in the Fr. McGivney Guild, to give an icon prayer card to each new member of the Council, and to invoke his blessings upon each Council during their opening or closing prayers.

All Councils to consider purchasing an annuity for each of their Parish Priests, and to add to the annuity yearly, to help provide for their future needs.

All members to support infirmed and retired Priests through continuous participation in the Texas Knights of Columbus License Plate Program.

Councils to remember our Priests and Deacons when choosing Knight of the Month or of the Year.

All Councils to continue prayerful and monetary support of our Seminarians and all Religious Vocations, through increased participation in the RSVP program to ensure that every seminarian is supported and no seminarian ever needs to leave the seminary due to financial concerns.

Under the continued Support of our Country and Patriotism:          We Encourage…

Continued support for our elected officials, public servants, our military service members and their families, law enforcement and emergency responders, especially during these challenging times.

You to vote consistently with the teachings of the Church in every election, and to encourage others to register and vote by holding voter registration and get out the vote drives.

Support for all efforts to keep “… under God” in the US and Texas Pledges of Allegiance.

Awareness of the need for spiritual and medical support for all of our veterans, and to volunteer in and support VA and Texas Veterans’ Homes, hospital and cemetery ministries.

All Knights to educate themselves on the issues concerning the protection of religious liberty and participate as faithful citizens in events that demonstrate our faith in action in the public square as described by the USCCB.

All Knights to become 4th Degree members of our Order.

Under the continued Support for the Right to Life:         We Encourage…

Support for Life in all of its stages and the promotion of the sanctity of life.

Continued support for the Gabriel Project, Project Rachel, the Supreme Ultrasound Initiative, and all other Pro Life efforts in words, prayers, and with monetary support.

Council participation in the running of the Silver Rose across Texas as Pro Life event.

All members to strive to earn the Texas State Council ACE Wings Award for Pro Life activities.

All Councils to promote, support and attend local 40 Days for Life Campaigns, a 24 hour Prayer Vigil for 40 days outside abortion clinics, and other prayerful witness events for life especially the Texas Rally for Life held in Austin each January.

All Councils to support the activities of their Diocesan Right to Life Committees through prayer, participation and with monetary support.

Praying three Hail Mary’s at all Council functions to promote the growth of the Culture of Life.

Under Continued support for Columbianism in Texas:         We Encourage…

Each Brother Knight to ask at least one other Catholic gentleman each year to become a member of our Order, and to welcome and accompany them on their journey to become involved active Knights.

All Councils to participate in at least two membership drives each year, especially during March for Founder’s Day and October for Columbus Day.

Each Brother Knight to call or visit members and their families in their local Councils that are sick or in distress.

Councils to maintain an active retention committee, one that will strive to maintain personal contact with inactive or rarely seen members, especially those in distress.

Councils to remember our deceased Brother Knights at an annual memorial Mass and to invite the widows and families of deceased Brother Knights to major Council activities.

Councils to increase Round Table participation with unserved parishes in their area, including other ethnic groups within their Parish.

Councils to encourage participation in the Shining Armor Award Program for 1st year members.

All local councils to support the formation of College Councils in their area.

Councils to support the Columbian Squires with spiritual formation, monetary support, the promotion of Counselors to guide the Circles and to request Knights to encourage their sons to become Squires.

Each Brother Knight to take advantage of the Knights of Columbus Insurance Program and to discuss insurance protection for his family with a local Field Agent.

Councils and Individual Brother Knights to make use of the “Donate Now” link at for online contributions to Texas State Charities and other worthy causes, especially in times of disasters.

Council officers to promote and participate in leadership development opportunities to ensure the success and growth of their council and the Order.

All Councils to request each member wear his name badge or 3rd Degree Emblem pin to Mass each Sunday in order increase visibility of the Knights in the parish.

Under Support for personal spiritual growth:           We Encourage…

A renewed dedication to our Lord Jesus Christ and His Blessed Mother.

All Brother Knights to reflect their reverence for our Lord in the Eucharist by dressing appropriately for Mass and encouraging others to do the same.

Prayers for the intercession of the Venerable Father Michael J. McGivney in times of need and to report any favors received to the Guild.

Councils to increase efforts to Keep Christ in Christmas through special programs during Advent and the holy Christmas season.

Councils to sponsor a “living rosary” especially during May and October and to invite other ministry groups to participate, as well as the entire Parish family.

All members to renew their promise to carry their rosary always and to pray it as often as they can.

Mar 04, 2016
Mar 04, 2016
Knights of Columbus Council #9463 will be hosting there 2nd annual Bowl-A-Thon on Saturday June 18th

Knights of Columbus Council #9463
will be hosting there 2nd annual Bowl-A-Thon on Saturday June 18th @ 10:30 am.
Entry fee is $160 per team or $40 per person.
Contact .(JavaScript must be enabled to view this email address) for more info or see flyer for complete details.

Feb 25, 2016
8TH Annual Knights of Columbus Council #2785 Bay Challenge

8TH Annual Knights of Columbus Council #2785 Bay Challenge has become one of the most anticipated events within the fishing community of Cameron County and The Rio Grande Valley.

This fishing tournament has, for the past 7 years, contributed to the donation of Special Olympics Texas. We are proud to support Special Olympics and we invited everyone who can make it to come spend a beautiful day of fun, family, and camaraderie. Every year we have been able to donate well over $1000, and with newly recruited members, the planning committee has grown and we expect to have the best one yet.
Date:   May 7, 2016
Time: 6:00 am-2:00 pm
Weigh in: 12:00 pm-2:00 pm
Fee: $200 per boat (Max 4 Anglers)
Prizes: 80% of fees collected will go to prize money.
Pleas see attached flyer for details.

Feb 03, 2016
District 6th Fourth Degree Exemplification

Any 3rd degree member that is interested in becoming a 4th degree please the attached information.
You can contact Jose Mancha, Faithful Navigator at .(JavaScript must be enabled to view this email address) if interested

Feb 02, 2016
Council 5052 Charity Golf Tournament June 11

Please see the brochures download on the right!

Jan 28, 2016
Jan 28, 2016
Council 7382 Scholarship application form

St. Thomas Aquinas Council 7382 in Sugar Land, Texas offers several academic scholarships each year.

These scholarships for higher education are available to Knights in good standing of Council 7382, their spouses, children, dependents or grandchildren.  They are also available to members of families registered at St. Thomas Aquinas Church in Sugar Land.

The form for 2016 applicants is attached.

Vivat Jesus,
Lee Meister
Council 7382 Scholarship Committee

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